Will work for cash...or free, what the hell!


My name is Robert Bell and I’ve been a web developer/designer for just about four years and I’m looking for things to keep me busy…preferably things that pay cash however if you have a small project (and I mean small) I may do it for free. Maybe.

I have experience using ASP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, SQL, Access, Delphi, Visual Basic, XML, Java and I am learning PHP. Packages I’m proficent with are Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver and FrontPage. If you’d prefer to see a CV, contact me and I’ll e-mail one. Check out my portfolio at http://www.rbell.net and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading :thumb:

Help me here people, otherwise I’ll have to work in a sports store soon (tomorrow) :*(

well, if you’re good with php or asp, i will need help with a directory website
the most important feature it will require is a username/password login
although this is a website im not starting as a company, i will try and pay you a little stipend
if you do a good job on this and dont mind the small compensation, i will see if i can try and get you a job with a design company, who my friend is vice-president of

Hi Rabbell

I’m based in glasgow and am interested in partnerships with PHP/XML/ASP peeps for ongoing work. I have a requirement for a simple cms for a site- paid work of course - are you interested? Have you got MSN messanger and we can chat?

hi laxinboi37 and humannature, man I’m sorry I haven’t checked this sooner, I can’t believe I haven’t checked this thing since the 7th. But listen, I am intrested in working with both of you

humannature I sent you a PM, laxiboi37 I sent you an e-mail. Please read what I sent you both and get back in touch, thanks and again sorry for not replying sooner.