Big help needed in changing variables

This is one of the coolest menu I found on ultrashock. Here’s the .fla

Notice when you mouse over the 3 buttons - the blocks form the following:

dark side

Where is the text stored? I dissected the .fla and didnt find it anywhere.

the code with the text is on the biggest movie clip on the main stage. good luck breaking that code apart. I have no idea how to do it, but you can change the text and try that.

Due to copyright legal action potentiality, I can’t really edit this and get away with it. I can say that I manipulated it very easily by placing this in the first frame:

sayd=“game over”;

And editing the large movie clip on the main stage to begin like this, instead of how it was before.

if(_level0.idioma eq “esp”){

Now I’m not all that sure what the else statement is for yet. I have not been able to get it to change to my alternative texts but it’s all writen using none English terms…

There is code also in the movie clips to the left. They have movie clips inside them which contain another movie clip and a button. The movie clip may have code on it as well.

Good luck but that’s probebly the best I can do until I figure it out… probebly take a while considering my language skills. :slight_smile:

I almost have the whole code cracked and I will be able to do a similar effect. but i won’t be able to do it until later. I need a couple days to finish up. I will start today and I will let you know when i am finished.

Also, it will not be exactly the same due to the copyright protection, but it will be a similar effect that you can use. Upu, don’t worry about translating it, I have it under control, unless you want to take the time to do it.

upu, to make use of the “else”, all you need to do is set the variable “idioma” on _root, as in idioma=“esp” (language change, btw…)

here’s something i was playing with a couple weeks ago. it might help.
not the cleanest code for this effect due to the fact that i was also checking out the globalToLocal stuff.
dynamic and scalable though!

still pretty @#%$ clean though Sinf. I just figured out that you could do

nLabel = _root[“MCcopy”+ii,ii]

and then do

nLabel._y = …
nLabel._whatever = …dfhafdafds

that seems to make the code a lil cleaner…

crack code whaaa? I thought with a .fla file, it is provided for tutorial purposes…and you still havta crack codes?

Anyways, there must be a variable text stored somehwere where it can be changed easily huh? You guys figure that one out yet?

appreciate the time…

I answered that in my first post. On the big movie clip on the main stage you can changed the “palabra” variables.

however you cannot use that exact file because of copyright laws.

It’s not really cracking code… the problem is all the variables are in spanish (I think)… other than that, the whole thing looks pretty easy to make.,

yeah thats what i was talking about. My spanish is a wee bit rusty even though I took it for almost 7 years in Jr. and Sr. high. because of the language thing I was so confused looking over that code.