Big question

Hi everybody,

I don’t know a lot about actionscripting, well say nothing. Maybe someone can give me a hand with this.

This what has to happen:

From a button in a movieclip on level 5 i want to load a movie. This movie is a .swf with a button in it. In this button is another button for the unload movieclip function.

This movie appears on top of level 5 , under the cursor and it sticks to the cursor so you have to drag it.
Once you click again it releases the cursor en drops to level 4. From here it stays draggable in the usual “mouse down” way.
In this level 4 you can load up to 9 movies in the same manner and you can drag and view them in the “changing stacking order swapDepth way”.

So now i have to do actionscript to do this.
This is what i think should happen: (but it has gaps)

Load the movie in level 6 in the normal way and attach some kind of mousedrag.
On click it gets duplicated into a target in level 4 and the original (in layer 6) deleted. In level 4 are 10 different targets (nr 10 is a “max. loaded” message)
To check if a target is already used i think i have to use this:
(The em1, em2, em3 are the empty movieclips/targets in level 10)

on (press) {
if (em1 == empty) {
loadMovie(“image1.swf”, “_root.em1”);
em1 = “full”;
} else {
if (em2 == empty) {
loadMovie(“image1.swf.swf”, “_root.em2”);
} else {
if (em3 == empty) {
loadMovie(“image1.swf2.swf”, “_root.em3”);

But the load movies have a button inside it to unload the movie. And i don’t know how i can tell it in which target the movieclip went.

Has anyone got any suggestions about this?
Any keywords and comments are welcome, scripts 2 of course!=)