Binding Web.sitemap data to menu in ASP.NET C#

Hi all,

I need to make website menu which is derived from an XML “Web.sitemap” file.

Here goes what i want to do, say that i have the following structure of my XML:

[INDENT]<Kirupa url=“kirupa/default.aspx”>
[INDENT]<menu item 1/>
<menu item 2/>
<menu item 3/>
<menu item 4/>

[INDENT]<country 1/>
<country 2/>
<country 3/>

Now let’s say that i am in the specified page of “kirupa” node (i.e. “kirupa/default.aspx”), then i want its child items to be displayed as a menu as in the attached image (see attachment) and i want to apply any css as desired.

And of course, I don’t want to see the parent node (i.e. “kirupa”) to be displayed!

That’s all i am asking!

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance