BIOS Trouble

:skull: Big problems. :skull: My BIOS reset itself, and now when I get to windows, I get the error ‘CPU reports irrational values, 1x0001a9f1 (or somesuch hex string) -9’, and at that point, I lose hope and shut it down. At first, it displayed the Asus Ailife logo (which was disabled) and the cores only start @ 2.40 ghz (stock settings). The board’s an Asus P5N-32 SLI SE, and the processors are a C2D.

So, the BIOS reset itself to default values, but I don’t know what the values were changed to. The dude that built the computer knows, but he’s working every night until sunday, and I don’t get off work until 5:30, 6ish. I can’t wait that long, I have actionscripting to mess with. I’m glad the old AMD is so reliable.

Has anyone else run into this?