Blog Concept

It’s just for fun but anyone who wishes to help with this concept will get recognition. I’ve always wanted to set one up and if anyone else wants to join just post here and we can get started. Like I said just a blog concept and for fun, and you will get recognition for helping and direct links to your portfolio site so let me know. Post here or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance guys :mountie:


If you tell me what the concept is or give me the basic info, then i might join! :smiley:

Drummer, what are you talking about. [U]He wants[/U] an concept for [U]His[/U] blog.

oh ok! lol:D , i thought i might have read it wrong!

i got it wrong aswell, i thought he had a nice blog concept that he wanted someone to do for him…

so he wants a blog concept? thats easy as pie, what about :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

all blogs are almost the same. only the content is what differs from one to another, so what kind of blog concept are you lookin for?

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I got one!

Put 2 tears in a bucket and…