Bloggers, how do you do it?

Okay so I made a blog as some may know. But I never want to write to it, for fear of people reading it! I know, ridiculous right? But a lot of what happens to me is really personal… or about speific people, and what if in the off-chance they read it, they realize it’s them? Hm. I just don’t like it.
How do you guys do it? Leave out personal stuff that’s real personal or do you just not care? Just curious.

I guess I’m what you could call a compulsive blogger. Needless to say that’s why this caught my attention. Going a day or more without blogging just feels really weird, and I’m not really sure why. It’s not like I use the blog as a therapeutic mechanism or anything, though that is an appealing and cost-saving idea…

In any case, I guess I’ve never really been bothered by the idea of having my thoughts out in the open. Most of what’s in my blog isn’t super-personal anyway, it’s mostly just the spawn of my boredom and random thoughts that float around in my head and merge together and lead into random tangents that happen to be remotely interesting to some people, considering the fact that I have friends that actually read it.

Never really thought about using names in my blog, I’ve done it all the time. I guess it never occurred to me that it may be remotely offensive to anyone because the stuff I say usually isn’t too negative. hehe.

Anyway… blogging is fun, I guess.

i write some pretty personal info on my blog:) since i dont get many hits. like 36 a day :stuck_out_tongue:

this is off topic.

jesus crist i got 461 hits yesterday. seems inpossble. dont know how:)

but also i been getting lots of hits on mycrohsoft also:):stuck_out_tongue: i am really happy right now

Wow. I only get like 30. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bloggers do it by themselves in public.

I love when people watch.