Bloggers, how do you do it?

Okay so I made a blog as some may know. But I never want to write to it, for fear of people reading it! I know, ridiculous right? But a lot of what happens to me is really personal… or about speific people, and what if in the off-chance they read it, they realize it’s them? Hm. I just don’t like it.
How do you guys do it? Leave out personal stuff that’s real personal or do you just not care? Just curious.

Probably they just don’t care, but I can’t give you any first-hand advice as I don’t “blog” either. I’ve been meaning to, but I just know I wouldn’t keep it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Its usually a good thing for people releasing their feelings like that. Why pay therapists when you can do it for free online… and even potentially get a reaction from any number of millions upon millions of people potentially reading.

I just don’t care. Not that I blog much, but when I did, I just wrote whatever was on my mind. My rants usually aren’t about specific people though, they are about either groups of people or events. (PETA for instance hehe :P)

I used to write all my private info and just kept my blog a secret, only because i knew id write more on a computer than i would by hand. i eventually stopped because the people who i wanted to complain about the most were the people who were reading it. I have a different one now, and I keep really personal information out of it, and I try not to think of it as a journal, but more of a place to practice my writing. If i really feel like venting, I have a notebook and I write in that instead.

When I blog, I don’t care. Occasionally, I’ll change names or something, or use initials to refer to a person, but that’s only for really rare things that are very personal to the person in question (or very personal to me if I’m ranting about that specific person :P).

Blogs are a great way to vent. And when you do that you relieve a lot of stress. That is why many people keep journals and/or diaries. Though that is physical writing, a blog is just words on the internet. You could make a private blog, but then what would be the point? Might as well write in a notebook :stuck_out_tongue:

As for people you know finding it and reading stuff about them. Screw 'em! Seriously though, a few of my friends who blog wrote some stuff about people, and those people found out. It was a good way to get things out in the open. Once you get things out in the open, the rest is solving the problem. Though it’s obviously better to get things out in the open in the first place instead of having them find out second hand through a blog/journal.

You put it right… sometimes i just like feel like writing something about some stuff. wich really helps out when I’m frustated.

You can always put your web skills to work and block certaion people from seeing your blog hehe. I wrote a script so that my mom can’t read mine because she was reading it and asking questions lol. I just set up something where if your IP is on a list, it makes you need a password. (I would have just blocked the IP, but it’s mine too lol).

PHP works for so many different things :slight_smile:

I’ve never had a blog. I just keep it all inside, waiting to explode.

i don’t get blogs, whenever i am stressed or something, what i do is get a cardboard ox , and start smashing it with a baseball bat


Yah I don’t care much if I’m venting, but then I don’t have much personal things between me and good friends. I usually just am mad at people I don’t know. The real problem is girls… sigh, isn’t it always? I just… well I keep thinking about how someday I’m gonna have a g/f (oh dear god PLEASE, heh), and then she’s gonna read my blog and be like, ‘What the heck, you wrote this about me like months ago?’ I jsut think it would be weird, haha.

Haha, my friend and his girlfriend used to get into fights all the time when they read eachothers blogs. I think it’s best to not let your significant other read your blog :wink: Because if it was an issue you needed to address to them, you will do it when you are ready, otherwise it’s just an issue that you needed to vent at that time and will get over… but it won’t be interpreted as such by them.

well… call me old fashioned… but if i have a problem i usually TALK to someone about it… ;)…

although i dunno, i rarely get stressed or worry about ANYTHING, and when i do i just kinda stop for a few seconds, realize it, then i’m all good again. it’s a great way to live, i mean who really needs all that stress and worry? unless the problem could have eternal consequences (literally) then it’s not important enough to get uptight about.

Not everyone has someone to talk to.

And I would really like it if you could share your ‘stop for a few seconds’ method to make the world around you alright again. I’ve tried that, definitely hasn’t helped… all my problems still existed… I just wasted a few seconds I could have used trying to fix them :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what he means is, if you have the mindset that nothing is worth stressing out over, then stress is hardly ever an issue and at those moments when you feel like you’re going out of your mind (for whatever reason), it only takes a few seconds to realize that it’s silly to be stressed out over it. If you have a problem to solve, you need a clear mind, not one that’s thinking “OMG OMG I have to finish all this by tonight and if I don’t, I’ll die or something!” It is possible, with practice, to train yourself to clear your mind of stress in a few seconds.

I avoid that situation by just not talking about really personal stuff. Besides I feel that when I write about stuff like that it makes me depressed and angrey at everyone. So mostly I just write about the positive things and non personal stuff.

k, well you asked. so i shall tell. no flaming tho :red:

… PRAY. that’s it. that’s all. just a little… “God, I’m givin it to you. don’t want it to bother me, you deal with it.” That’s it. It’s gone. He’ll listen. He’ll take it, deal with it and keep you stress free.

oh, and hifi has the right idea too. it’s all about the mindset. i believe it’s not worth stressing over. God can take care of it, I don’t have to. (yes, i realize hifi didn’t say the second part.)

so. IMO. yes, everyone does have someone to talk to. whether you believe that or believe it will work is your choice. but it does for me. and i’m LOVIN it.

Don’t like what i just said? sorry. i really am. ignore it and move on :). but hey, y’all asked.

Well i’m not going to flame you. You are free to believe what you wish. Though I personally am not religious so I will not be using your method. Thank you for sharing though :slight_smile: