Bookmark Site/E-mail SWF/Print Site HOW?

Can anyone help with the following;

How to; setup a ‘Bookmark’ this site command;
How to; Automatically make site “Their Homepage”
How to; e-mail SWF (Website) to friend;
How to; Print this site;

All of this needs to be done within the Flash movie and not using any external commands outside of the Website itself.
All of your help would be greatly appreciatted! Thanks in advance! Someones gotta know this and be willing to share!


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I’m looking into the four items above. Some are easier to find than others.
Personaly, I wont tell you how to make a page someone’s homepage automaticaly. Even if I knew how to do that, I simply don’t believe in that sort of thing. I’ll see what I can find on the other three though.

I don’t want to be able to force this page on them and make it their homepage without thier ok. I just want it as an option as we both know most people don’t know how to go into their control panel and do it themselves. I don’t believe in doing it without someones total prior consent and willingness either. We are in agreement I believe. I just want to have it as on of the options for people.


Hey Phil,
To enable bookmarking of a site, you need to add this code to a getURL statement:

javascript:window.external.AddFavorite(‘’, ‘Duplicate Movie Clips’

I’m still looking into the other questions. There is no method of adding a bookmark without the user knowing. Internet Explorer and Netscape both frown upon anything such as a Flash animation going beyond its boundaries into the Operating System.

You do exist! :slight_smile: I am getting ready to go out for a while but will probably try what you said earlier. I’m sure it will work. And, not that thats what I am wanting, but there is a way to do it without the persons consent as it has happened to me at least twice. But I will try what you said and thank you very much for your help. This site has helped me grow in Flash by leaps and bounds. Thanks for your time in putting it up. It’s a real diamond mine.



Can you please give me step by step instructions on how to do this. I tried putting in the URL for the site followed by your Java command. Didn’t work. But it was just a shot in the dark anyway. I am truly a Flashhopper and you are like that guy on Kung Fu with the pebbles in his hand. Someday I’ll be able to snatch those pebles from you but not today. It’s like I walk over fly paper and leave torn footprints in my wake. Step by step would be very greatly appreciatted…


OK, I think that what Kirupa meant was that you have to make a button “Bookmark this absolutely cool site” and then put it in your scene, right click on it, open the Actions panel and write :

on (press) {
getURL(“javascript.complicatedcommands(blablabla)”,“interesting page”) ;
But as Radiohead has it, I might be wrong.


No, it wouldn’t be wrong if you are allowing people the choice. As long as it is well marked and not one of those hidden checkmark boxes that you need to find to uncheck. Nothing wrong with giving people the choice of bookmarking your site or of even having a command that allows them to make your site their homsite. As long as its open, honest and forthright. Whaddya think?


Sorry man… I was in a foul mood the other night and you caught the clip end of it. It just sounded like you were saying that you wouldn’t give the option, but would just do it for them… which I’ll tell you would annoy the hell out of me. Just ignore my little jab above if you would.

Thanks everyone for helping out on this one… still trying to get flash working :frowning: 5DAYSWITH NO FLASHARRRGGGGGGG!!

Thats ok, It’s part of the problem with e-medium. I agree with you though, it annoys the hell out of me. Or how about this one as a real pissoff. You are doing a search from Yahoo, wherever…Page to page, back, page, until you find what your looking for right? then some joker ‘traps’ you in his site and you cannot go back. Have to restart the search.
$^#*)& hunh? how bout that one??


yup… pissed me off to no end. Personaly I could do without popups as well. I see no point to them.…query=null

i found this with regards to the bookmark Q.

it’s the 4th topic down…


Thanks G-hippy. I am new to this programming thing. I have a huge learning curve ahead of me but it still seems simpler than it looks methinks. I will be spending some time very soon at that site I am sure.


It works just fine now. Like a doofus, I put in your web address, didn’t replace it with mine. Duh! I told you I am new to this, but after spending a day reading so many tutorials here and elsewhere I am getting a grip on this programming thang. Thanks kirupa!