Hello everybody.
I’m here to ask you help me in my quest for knowledge. I want to purchase some books about Flash 8 and maybe Dreamweaver.
I’m interested in the developing part and I would enjoy something more advanced that presents only the new addition in flash 8.
I have (and read) a couple of books from O’Reilly publishing by Colin Moock and others, and beeing preety familiar with the basics of Flash, I would rather read something more advanced withouth all the introductive parts to actionscripting and OOP.

So. If you guys (or girls) are aware of any good books that would find a good place on any “must read” shelf, please do tell.
I’ve searched amazon and it seems preety early to ask for Flash 8 books as this has barely made it’s entrance on the market.
Oh… and what do you think about the books form Macromedia “Training from the source”.

Also, do you know any good flash / dreamweaver authors that you especially enjoy reading (besides Colin Moock) :)?

Thank you in advance