Borderless window problem

hi\r\ri’ve been successfully using the borderless window script i found at…erless.asp\r\rlast night i attempted to add some code to call up another pop-up while my flash loads.\r\rsince then my problem is this: both pages are called up correctly except that they come up full screen. this never happened before. i have specified the W and H variables in my flash script as 400 x 415, which worked fine before. the only thing i changed was adding the extra code at the start of my flash anim, and the pop up title.\r\rif anyone would like to help me out and needs more info, please reply.\r\rmy site is [url=“”]\r\rcheers \r\rTM

A free cd ?? Post your code right now !! :smiley: \rpom 0]

did the popups work for you? i’ve had reports of it working fine for other people, it looks like it’s a problem with my browser (IE5.5) . yet i haven’t changed any settings… bizarre…\r

Everthing working nice from here. And if it works on Netscape 6, it works on anything. So much for the free cd…\rpom 0]

ok then, a free cd to whoever can tell me why it won’t work on my machine! win 98/IE5.5 \r\rhehe…\r

it’s definitely my pc, it’s doing it with the examples here on karupa…\r

do you have the new player? it’s supposed to be player 6, but it’s a beta.\ralso, if you are using get or post that can cause problems on some machines…but only certain machines with certain versions of browsers.\rmacintosh internet explorer v5.1 has serious problems with get and post.\r:) \rjeremy

right. installed IE6. now it works again…\r\rif anyone does want a cd, contact me via the site! \r\rcheers