Bored Pic

I’m bored…

haha… thats the weirdest sign i’ve seen :beam:
looks pretty nice 28 :stuck_out_tongue:


Me to

the wall looks great

i think it’s a bit weird having that kind of sign stuck up with sticky tape, but that’s just me being picky… it’s really cool. i like the grafitti stuff as well… and if you wanted to further it, maybe vary some of the wall - add smudges, or something to make it less of a pattern, a bit of crud, or colour variety, you get the idea

it’s cool :smiley:

yeah it was just a quick little thingy
i actually like the wall more than the picture… i need to put tears and stuff in the sign… for once i saved the .psd so i might just go ahead and do that later today

thanks for the comments

that doesn t look so bad my man, i dig the wall…

thanks dippy :beam: