Boring cell phone/tablet thread 2018! Hooray


It’s been a little while since we’ve had one of these threads, what are your favorite devices now? I’m still on the Nexus 6p, batteries shot, probably moving to a Samsung s8, note, or Google pixel very soon.

I also went from a great Nexus 10 tablet to… nothing. Just realized I haven’t turned a tablet on in months, I guess I’m done with those for a while


You know, I miss my Lumia 1020 with that awesome 41MP sensor. Even compared to my S8+, the 1020 can still give it a run for its money when it comes to taking photos.

Problem with that old brick is that Nokia (and by extension, Microsoft) used such an outdated processor that it struggled with such a high-performance (for a cell phone) camera. Add to the fact that the WP10 OS totally made the phone unusable, they really ultimately dropped the ball on it.

It’s a shame because I’ve always liked Nokias, and the Windows Phone interface was a refreshing alternative to the Android and of course, iOS. They just let it go, and that’s a big, big shame.

I’d love to see the return of a Nokia device running Android, but I doubt it’ll happen since MS sold the Nokia Mobile Division to a company in China. Rumors of a Surface phone are just that, rumors. The Surface itself has a host of issues, so I can’t see them ever getting back into the mobile phone market. Can’t really get into LGs, and the latest pixel looks far too much like an iPhone to me.

Overall I’m really pleased with my S8+, and my business line is an S7 Edge that’s still running well, but will likely get traded in for the Note 8.

At this point, I’m wondering if I should then swap sims and make the Note my new personal phone, and relegate the S8+ to business use only, or if I should wait a while longer for either the S9 or the Note 9. I find myself having to do basic editing for photos for clients’ Instagram pages, and having used the stylus on the Note 8 really made it a breeze.

But as it stands, Samsung is the best for myself and my needs. That recent Motorola with all the detachable gadgets just seems like a gimmick to me.


Still on the 6p here. Battery is holding up, but not as good as when I got it. I think I’m going back to a galaxy after this though - probably the s9. A friend has a pixel 2 and I wasn’t all that impressed, though I was considering that too. Stock Android still doesn’t hold up to Samsung’s software offering.


I am on a iPhone SE, but I’m torn between a Google Pixel and the iPhone X. The iPhone X does seem pretty impressive…from an under-the-hood point of view as well. Pretty much any web benchmark is several times higher on the iPhone X than both the Pixel and even my Macbook Pro! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use google project fi phone service which uses multiple providers towers, so I kind of need to use the Pixel in order to get the full use of this service, otherwise Samsung/apple are only going to use a limited number of cell towers in my case, or I could switch back to Verizon.

When I handled a Pixel2 in the store recently, I actually wasn’t much impressed either. At first sight the iPhone and Samsungs seemed much better.


iPhone X here…


Does the iPhone X have more of a matte screen than past generations? At a quick glance it looks like a few android manufacturers screens are looking a little flatter. They also seem to be trending in a tall/thinner aspect ratio. Which I think iPhone already was by comparison


iPhone 7


I vaguely recall you dropping your iPhone down a well like Timmy o Toole. Did I imagine that?


Not AFAIK. Depends on what you mean by matte. I tend to think of the sharpness of the reflections you see when you turn off the screen and find a light source.


I don’t know, the pixel xl and gs8 looked a little flat/non reflective compared to older phones. I could be wrong though.


No, you didn’t; and may I say that that is an impressive memory you have there. Apple graciously replaced it for free when I truthfully told them what happened. Apparently a lot of people were ruining their phones with water damage and then lying about it.

Their support has gotten less and less impressive ever since. I once handed a 911 call to a bystander so I could give CPR to someone. When I got it back the screen was completely smashed. I tried explaining to Apple that I’m a hero, but still I had to pay to get it fixed.


Was this bystander The Hulk?


Not that I’m aware of… though I suppose anything’s possible.


My phone got smashed and I wasn’t sold on the pixel at the current price, so I picked up a new motog6 unlocked for $200. It’s a great device for the money, it definitely runs Android 8 with the feel of a more expensive device… For now anyway


My nexus 6p is starting to feel its age and I’m in the market for something new. Everyone seems to like the pixels, but I agree that the 2 shouldn’t cost as much as it does still. I think I’m going to hold out for the 3 and pick one of those, despite paying more.


That’s what I was going to do but I needed something immediatly so I went cheap for now


My brother just broke his G6 (but, err, LG’s) and is back on his old galaxy 5 (I think). He never uses a case and is a pretty active person, so I hope he learned his lesson (plus I helped him pay for it :stuck_out_tongue: ). That being said, he likes the old phone because it has the “older better snapchat version” on it.

I still have all my older phones so if it comes down to it, I could probably do the same in the case of a breakage.


I do have a small pile of cell phones for development but the only ones I consider modern enough to use are all broken now. I guess I’m rough on my phones too.

Whenever I wipe out my phone I have to go looking for this setting, so I’m gonna post it here for myself!

Chrome comes default with hideous click bate articles enabled… They are infuriating. Currently this is one way to disable them