Boston or Bust

Hey everyone,
won’t be on for a while, I’m going to Boston for about a week to check out a college (massachussets college of art) and just relax a bit.
Hope everyone here has a safe and fun week, catch ya guys all later.

Have fun!

And if you see Sarah up there, tell her I said “Heeeeeeeey.” wink


Look out for serial killers, especially Fester! :wink:

(although I think he may be gone right now terrorizing some other state, but still, you can never be too careful!)

Have fun there 28 :slight_smile: Cya in a week!

while youre in boston, check out the New England Institute of Art (my school) !

Freshman Orientation is on the 18th, you should show up and pretend you’re a student!

Hey cool man! I’m from Boston but I live in NY now! I miss home!! Mass Art is a good school dude but since you’re gonna be in the center of the College universe, make sure you check out some other schools too!! Have fun, I’ll be there next weekend to enjoy some beaches and sunshine!!!


Have fun out here, there are lots of places to go to college and even more palces to have fun

be safe 28! have fun!