hi |

i’m working on the 2nd stage of an animation and because i’m new at swift 3D i’m having a hard time envisioning exactly how it can be done. i was hoping for some suggestions if you know of a way i can approach the following problem.

the situation:

step 1
animation begins with a close up view of the planet earth | some texture needs to be added here, either a continent or s/thing along those lines – it’s very open as to what i can put here, as long as it gives the impression that we’re starting on the earth. my thought is that adding texture in swift 3D would be virtually impossible and maybe i should start with a 2D flash animation and then move to a 3D spinning planet which i’ve already done {see below}

step 2
camera zooms out and shows planet with longitudinal and latitudinal lines spinning. {this is the part i already have done}

anyways, if anyone has any ideas on how i can do this, i would appreciate it if you could clue me in.

thank you very much,