(((Swift 3D 'Addict' Recognition - MAYBE YOU!?!?)))

Do you have an oustanding Swift 3D model or animation that you would like to share with the 3D Community? If so, send your work to [email protected] and become an offical Swift 3D ‘Addict’.

If your work is selected you will be crowned as our weekly Swift 3D ‘Addict’. Your work will be featured in our Swift 3D Usershowcase where thousands will be able to view your creation!

Submit your work here: [email protected]
Please note that submissions need to be 300k or less.

This week I’ll be sharing a composite scene that I (jfoley) created with Swift 3D. In this example I used Swift 3D to model the robots, spacecrafts and the ground. The 3D elements were made with a raster graphic and then an eps outline render was laid on top of it. Since the scene was quite large I composited various renders of the scene in Photoshop. In Photoshop I added blur here and there to give the scene a focal distance. I also added the dust and the burning sky in Photoshop as well.

Click on the first link in the User Showcase.

I’m looking forward to seeing your crazy-cool submissions!