Breaking apart bitmaps without blurring: possible?

i really need a hand here. i need to work with bitmap fills, but any time i use a bitmap as a fill, or break an imported image apart, it blurs. is there a way to work with bitmap fills and keep them at original quality?

mine don’t blur

are you talking about when the fill is selected, because that’s just an effect to let you know that it’s selected… the jpg will look none scrabbled when you deselect it.

you could be refering to “smoothing” which I think is a default setting for imported pictures in Flash 5.0. In that case you could try locating the pic in the library, selecting it, and hiting the small “i” icon at the bottem of the library. Then in the dialogue box that apears uncheck “smoothing”.

Those are the only two things that I can think of…