Brightness and contrast adjustmenten bet. pc to mac swf

I converted an swf slideshow that was originally in pc
into a mac format. everything is fine ,sound and
animation and fonts but the pics looks flat and very question is : is there a way to adjust the
pc swf pics? do i have to reimport everything back again more darker(pics) and with more contrast on my pc?
if so is there a number(+10 contrast or -15 brightness)
some kind of formula to make the pnd images in pc look good on mac? i am using photoshop 6 an my external editor.

I have this same problem. You could try playing with a “tint”. In the effect’s panel, there is an option called tint.

It shouldn’t make things look any better, but it will allow you to control the darkness of things in flash without too much trouble.

Thank you i did it but wasn’t good enough so i just
change all my png images in mac(with photoshop6) and reimported on my main fla movie and it looks good.maybe it took longer
but looks ok.
Thanks again