Saving files from pc to mac

i have a pc and i made a flash presentation and i publish the swf and
the mac and pc projectors.everything works fine but the mac projector doesn’t
and that the really only thing i need.
my question is : can i publish a mac projector on pc and burn a CD with it
and open it on a mac computer? if so what are the procedures? or do i need
to open the flash (Fla)file on a mac and then publish the mac projector?
it looks that the mac projector i made on pc is somehow read by the mac as
a compressed file but it doesn’t work.
i don’t know much about flash and this is probably a stupid question.
please help and i apologies in advance for any lexical mistakes.

MACs suck.

I’ll try to give you a better explanation than that.

.swf files are definitely cross-platform. I’m sure .fla files are too but there may be some font differences (especially for odd characters and even quotes sometimes turn into boxes on the PC).

Not sure what you mean by “projector” but Flash should work wonderfully cross-platform (even more so than different browsers do).

Hope that helps but if you have more questions, I’d be glad to try to answer them. I’d just suggest trying it and seeing for yourself.



(I use Flash on the PC but am a huge Mac fan. People usually say something “sucks” when they are jealous of it.) :slight_smile:

Actually, no Windows machine will ever beat a mac in graphic design/video editing. A dual processor G4 can edit videos at a far greater speed than many of the latest PCs around :slight_smile:

Back to your question, try using Flash Typer: (click the little download arrow thing on that page). Flash Typer easily converts mac FLAs into PC FLAs.

Thank you i will let you konw how it goes.

Thnaks again it works perfect, the only thing is that on
the mac version the clip it’s light and flat.
i don’t know if there’s a way to adjust brightness and

That is an interesting thing about the Mac’s which seem to use a different gamma set up.

Try using tints from the effects panel.