Broken iPod

Once again my staple of city fashion and trend-acity has become nothing but a useless hunk of shiney plastic and metal. A few months back my iPod just decided to quit turning on. I sent it into apple and got it fixed and it took like a good seven eons. Once again my little hunk of junk has ceased to function. Which is lovely because it’s a 300 dollar music player that is completely useless. This time my iPod decided to not turn on at all. So I plugged it into some electricity to see if it’d charge. The apple logo shows up for a few second and then this little folder with an exclamation point shows up, and moments later dissapears. So is my iPods hard drive shot or what? I need it to work for a few more months before I save up the money to get a zen or something that won’t break every time I get a new one.

I hate apple right now.

So yes, any ideas?