Browser plugin detection and redirection

I’m looking for some good Java Script for this purpose… anyone have any suggestions.

Oh and that webmonkey one sucks.

1/why sucks? (don’t know the content…)
2/ search Macromedia for their detection kit, don’t remeber what it’s called, everything is in there, by jscript and by flash
3/just looked for it, if you do a search in the support section on “flash detection”, you’ll get almost 2000 links (have a look still). anyway, here it is:

The Macromedia Flash deployment kit consists of the following:

Macromedia Flash Dispatcher (Dispatcher.js, Dispatcher.vbs, detectFlash.swf)
A set of HTML example pages that use the Dispatcher (enter.html, installFlash.html, upgradeFlash.html)
An interactive demonstration of how the Dispatcher works with the sample pages (demo.html)
Macromedia Flash Dispatcher Dreamweaver behavior
and you’ll find it here:
Tell me if this one is ok 4 ya… :wink:

I’ll try it out but I think that my girl and I looked at that one. The problem is of course that I want to detect Mac or Wondows, IE or Nav, Flash5.0 and all sorts of other stuff, including screen resolution… and then I want to redirect dependent upon that info. Usually the script will work for 90% of what I want, but not that last 10%. Webmonkey’s example is like that… just doesn’t cover all the bases that it claims to.

Well, there´s two sniffer in my latest book, Flash site workshop, one jscript, the other Flash, if you want, i can send ém over so you can check if they suit your needs…seem 2 b pretty thorough…

hey there again –

would you mind sending me the javascript and flash examples from your book as well, please?

i’m looking thru macromedia’s flash deployment kit now and there’s so much stuff that it’s taking me a little while.

thanks, matt.

where’s your mail? :slight_smile:

mailto: [email protected]