Buffering problem

ok. hope someone can help. i made a little buffer script for dynamically loaded mp3s. it’s supposed to play the file after 20% is loaded (these files are a couple of MB).

anyway, it doesn’t play after it’s buffered to the 20%.

works when i just test movie in flash.

doesn’t work when i test “streaming” in flash.

i am thoroughly confused…:crazy:

here’s my buff script, etc.

let me know if you need anymore info…

nrMix=new Sound(djsetMC);
nrMix.loadSound([file], false);

this.onEnterFrame = function(){
	bytesT = nrMix.getBytesTotal();
	bytesL = nrMix.getBytesLoaded();
	if (preloadNow==true && nrPlaying != true){
		nrLoaded = Math.round((bytesL/bytesT)*100);
		bufferMC._visible = true;
		trace ("BytesLoaded=" + nrLoaded);
	if(preloadNow==true && nrLoaded >= 20){
		bufferMC._visible = false;
		preloadNow = false;
		nrPlaying = true;
		trace("buffering complete");