Bug in swf

Here is the link to the swf (and where u can download the fla and pic folder 217 kb).
I think it would be way to long to post all the as. You will find part of the resize gallery(no XML involved), claudio’s scrollbar and some coding of my own (with Stringy help).
First bug, the first time the pictures load, they do not place themselves properly (although sometimes they do) and the containerMC won’t resize. Once the pictures are cached it seems to work fine.
Second bug, the scrollbar (Claudio’s scrollbar) seems to have a mind of it own. It seems to work fine then it will start moving on its own or the arrow won’t stop scrolling 'till the end of the movie…:krazy:
My eyes are having the matrix effect looking at those codes for so long and not understanding why once online it all goes bersek.:trout:
Thank you to all kind souls ready to help me out resolve this problem.