Bugs, Win XP and FP

Hi Everyone!
I have just recovered from a bad viral infection of Klez.I and Elkern.C viruses. I had to re-install everything agian and have discovered that when I visit my web site I am re-directed to Microsoft to download a `Java Virtual Machine’ to run my hover buttons. When clicked Microsoft tells me It doesn’t automatically download anymore.
I have downloaded over 20 patches for Win XP to no affect. As I never had this problem before and Microsoft’s is of little help I am forced to seek help here again.
Thanks Everyone!:-\

Hey Anthony,
Sorry to see that you are having problems. There is no direct way of getting the Java VM from Microsoft if they aren’t providing it via Windows Update. Their Java page also has all links to the Java VM removed. In the meantime, I found a link to Sun’s Java Virtual machine that works in Windows XP as well. The link is: http://java.sun.com/getjava/download.html

Hope that helps.

Kirupa :rambo:

Thanks Kirupa!
The Sun JVM worked.
I was wondering why Microsoft has stopped the download of JVM’s? Is it an across the board thing of have they singled out me? Is the Sun JVM the same thing (exactly?) as the one I was using (unconsciously) up until two days ago?
God, I’m full of questions today. I have just read your bio, and I’m am very impressed. Thanks very much, Kirupa!

Anthony Abrahams:-\

Hey Anthony,
I do not believe it is an across the board problem. For example, I have Java VM installed, and I never downloaded it individually. Have you tried downloading Service Pack 1 for Windows XP? It has a good amount of bugs and fixes that might solve the problems.

The Sun JAVA VM is almost the same as the Microsoft VM, but then again, I don’t know much about either VM’s to give a good response to it. The Sun version and the MS versions are a little bit different I suppose =) Basically, the VM acts as an interpreter to safely playback any Java applets, etc.

Kirupa :bandit:

Microsoft Stoped putting out there version of java VM because of a contract with Sun microsystems . Who owns patents for Java. If any body needs the MS version of Java Virtual Machine I have it avalible as a single download at http://www.libertychurch.net/orcj/ms%20virtual/
It is the last release form microsoft and is for WinXP only.

Hey Rickchil,
Thanks for the link.

Kirupa :rambo: