Build a Caesar's Cipher

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This took me the longest of any tutorial recently that I have had to write. I think Covid-related lockdown has greatly reduced my attention span for writing long-winded content. This is probably because I spend so much time during the day sitting in front of a computer either talking or writing 🥸

It could also be this:


…I did notice a few cat hairs in this tutorial.


Yes, it was very meowving …

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Haha! Wow :fire:

And associated video is up as well:


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It was fun watching it. I always get new videos in the morning.

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cc = function(string, n) {
  chartr(paste(letters, collapse = ""),
         paste(letters[n:(n + 25) %% 26 + 1], collapse = ""),
cc("pizzapizzapizza", 2)