Building a menu with sub elements

hi folks:)

I have a big problem. Since I have restarted working with flash this year I wasn’t that confused than today about this problem. Lets start:

My menue consits of serveral instances of a rolling-out paper. It rolls out, if you roll over it with your mouse. Building this was quite easy for me :wink:

But now I want to add sub-items to that Menue which are located onto the “paper-buttons”. The user should be able to roll over the paper and roll over the sub-items while the paper is still rolled out. The sub-items should zoom in, if your mouse comes over it.

All the menue items text information is generated dynamically whith actionscript (I fill it with an array).

The problem I have is, that the paper buttons doesn’t behave yet as they are intended to :wink:
Check out button 2 (“das Pub”) and you see what I mean…

Here is the FLA:ü

I would be way happy about any help…