Building website using Flash

I am using Macromedia Flash MX to build a website which contains large files, such as QuickTime movie.

Is it better to have the whole website in one Flash file, using different scenes; or seperate different pages to different flash files?

Thanks a lot!

for use on a cdrom it doesnt much matter one way or the other but i’m assuming you’re going to put this on the web. on the web “in my humble opinion” the users attention span (about 10seconds) is a crucial decision maker when it comes to file size. i think you should compartmentalize (or put things in seperate files) as much as possible. this will make the initial site load time very short and those who do not need to see all the movies don’t have to load all the movies before they see the site. you should put each movie in a seperate file and call upon it onPress or whatever action you choose

hope this helps

Thanks for the advice!

I would like to look at some website which are built based on Flash tech. Does anyone have any recommendations of such websites?

what do you mean by flashtech?

there are lots of actionscripters and coders out there and there are lots of nicely designed sites some with more tech than others. is one of my favorites that blends good design and nice tech. maybe if you could be more specific in your query i could provide you with more information.