Bus modding for advanced user

Hi all!

Open the “Bus modding for advanced user” thread, because many people make a picture of “Car modding 2”, so I think the theme like you.
If you like, choose an other threads: “Car modding 3 for advanced user" or "[url=“http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61056”]Car modding 3 for all

Modding the base picture.

No rules

Polling start
July 09.

Base picture (police bus)

another wip (or might be the final submission if I don’t have time to color in/add details)

i’m such a wuss at PS… :frowning:

my final contribution (flash w00t :beam:)
server might be quite slow…
[swf=“http://www.mlkdesign.online.fr/files/kirupa/bus.swf"]width="1035” height=“690 px”[/swf]

Wow mlk…
You could not of made this any perfect and convienent! Great work man, I love it!

thnx grinch- isn’t anybody else contributing to this one ?

Hehe, sp, “grinch” it’s ok.
Yeah let’s see some more, I was thinking about doing another, but I already have one…

For all those who thought the hummer was not big enough,

this beaut’ gives you almost a full mile to each gallon of gas.
(Hummer H2 -> 8 miles to the gallon…)

It’s not pretty, but I’m really tired, so that’ll have to do. I have to say, I loved the one with the speakers and the dude hanging out the window!

Hey! Everybody! Polling started!

Levi the king!
But the other good, too!

keep on woting guys! only 10 voters is really shameful!

Had to go with MLK. Great job on making the new BG.

Thanks for the comments ppl :slight_smile:

How long does voting run for btw?