Car modding 3 for advanced user

[size=2]Hi all![/size]

[size=2]Open the “Car modding 3 for advanced user” thread, because many people make a picture of “Car modding 2”, so I think the theme like you.
If you like, choose an other threads: “Car modding 3 for all" or "[url=“”]Bus modding for advanced user

Modding the base picture.

No rules

Polling start
July 09.

Base picture (Volvo)[/size]

Hey sergi!!! its kyle S. ahaha i joined the site…eventhough i have no experience whaqt so ever!!! bwowooooow <-- bend the string!!!

I love how you say that! I like your stuff Rolland!

I have an entry! Please let me poll with you fellas! Here it is…

<img src=“”>

I worked hard on this and am proud of how it came out… I hope it can be added!

Wow! Your version is very nice! Will be proud of this work.