Business Cards


I was wondering if someone could clear this up for me.

I’m interested in printing a few business cards (about a 100 or so), and I was wondering if you would suggest printing them on thin, flexible plastic or on stock? I want them to really stand out, and they’re really just to grab attention above anything else.

I recall, a while ago (a year) I read a thread and the poster was printing his cards on plastic with some of the colors on the card being printed in glossy type (UV?). Can someone clear up what this is, or if I’m making any sense at all?

Just looking for tips, and any printer suggestions, who can handle what you suggest would be appreciated

you can print or etch just about anything as long as you have the money to throw at it. I have seen some nice aluminum and wood business cards. If you stray from traditional stock it can get pricey and you may not be able to find a place that will only do 100 on plastic or metal etc. Just google the subject and you’ll see lots of creative things people have done, including CD business cards etc.