But Wut About The Fonts?



so here is my problem… I can’t decide what font pack i wanna buy. so do me a favor, go to the following site and let me know wut font pack you think is the best for the price:


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I kinda lyke the font called “Simplicity” (that’s the name of my future project so bee on the look out <cuz i kno yall didn’t lyke the fullclip site… dat’s okay i didn’t eather>)… IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN JUST PICK THE FONTS I WANNA BUY???:chinaman:

i’m going to buy some myself soon and i’ll start with FFF Alias because it’s like having a Verdana/Arial kind of font but that looks sharp, it’s a font that you can use in all sites without having any problems with the style.

but since you like simplicity (i like it too) i would pick professional, interface or intelligent instead because simplicity is too small and won’t fit in a lot of sites. if you really want a small font maybe planeta is legible.

hope i didn’t confused you more.

Why are you buying it? there are lots of fonts out there for free.
You can find lots at www.flashkit.com

or just type into google free fonts and there are lots to choose from.

And the font is pretty expensive.

In case you didn’t know you can get a font like arial or vendanna to look very sharp by just setting the right size, putting it as dynamic font or using “use device font”. Its in your properties in flash.

I hope i have saved you some money. Fonts i believe are way to overpriced.

this should not be int the site check section

I think it would be best for you to choose what fon tyou like, that’s all that matters :wink:

dotted pixel, intelligence, and phantom are my favourites, but unless you are having serious trouble with reading text in flash, you really dont need their fonts. you can find lots of great fonts for free.

kiss my *** ::mike:: this is a site check!!!

thanx for your thoughts anywayz…

to all the rest: much luv:



*Originally posted by playboy_94804 *
kiss my *** ::mike:: this is a site check!!!
so what’s the site we’re meant to be checking then?
quite an uncessary attitude as well :-\

Man, just go get some free fonts from http://www.dafont.com/en/bitmap.php . They have like 500 good ones.

that just doesn’t work for me… i dowloaded all bitmap fonts they have in dafont and the few ones that worth something have filling problems because they weren’t designed for flash… for me fontsforflash and miniml are the only ones worth something… not everything can be free when you want to have quality in your works (my opinion)

Minimal has minimal usability! They ask for a username and password before you can download a font. :angry:

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**Minimal has minimal usability! They ask for a username and password before you can download a font. :angry: **

minimal ?!?!:stunned: what minimal ?!

Take out the last “a.” Whatever.

i only have 1 a to take, :slight_smile: if you really meen miniml of course you need a password those fonts are not free (only a few) they cost 100 USD because they are the best bitmap fonts and you’ll only get a password if you pay, he isn’t nominated for flash forward in the typography category for nothing…

Flash Forward? I went to that site a while back. I couldn’t find the navigation, so all I got to see were orange arrows.

yeah i find flash forward site a little confusing too