Button Animation

I have a movie clip in the “over keyframe” of my button. How do I make that movie clip complete its animation (i mean run through all its frames) even if the user moves the mouse away from the button before it is finished?


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Its not possible because once the user takes his mouse off of the button then it goes to the ‘button up’ keyframe and shows what is contented on that frame. But you could make the button inside the movie clip and the movie clip will be the actual button and the button will only be used to hold the mouse actions and be used for determining whether the mouse is over, on, or pressing the button. On the button put a script refering to the on(release) or on(rollOver) state and use a script to trigger a switch to make the movie clip play the animation no matter if in the over state or not? You see what I am getting at. I could explain more with more detail but its kind of a novice subject and hopefully you will understand what I’m trying to say but if not just reply back and I will try to improve my mini-tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks…i am a novice to flash, but i think your input may be enough to get me where i want to be. the effect i’m going for is similar to what is here http://www.enetserve.com/tutorials/

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