Button Clicked

I want to add a text when a button is clicked. I try to put the additional text on the Hit Event of the button, but it doesn’t work, can Anyone help, please?

Well be more specific…

Ok so you have a button… So do you want text to appear WHERE when you click the button? Or do u want text to appear when your mouse is just over the button?

I’d assume that he wants it to apear and stay, when the button is clicked… possibly to change to some other text when another button is clicked.

Choose the text tool. Open the “Text Options” panel and choose “Dynamic text” from the pull down menu.

create a new blank layer.

Click and drag on the stage to create a text box of whatever size you need.

Select the black arrow tool. You should still have the text box selected, and you’ll know because as soon as you click on the black arrow tool, it will have a blue bounding box sarounding it. If you don’t see that, click once on the text box with the black arrow tool.

in the text options panel, there is a field for entering a variable name. Enter something like “_root.myDynamicText”.

Now on the button you just place something like

_root.myDynamicText=“Hey, you just clicked on this button”;

now when you click on that button that text will show up in the field.

I don’t think it’s that complex, upu.

Once the button is clicked, I want to pop a new text approx. 100px higher than the original text. That’s all I want to do. Simply add a new text once the button is clicked. Please help.

Now I tried to add the additional text to event “DOWN”, I noticed once I take up my mouse, while my button is not down, it just went back to the original “UP” event.

I tried to put this additional text in the UP event, it doesn’t work.

I tried to put the additional text on the HIT event, it doesn’t work either…

here’s an image:

[additional text]
approx 100px between them…
[original text]

how do you play a symbole(movie clip)?

Here;'s what I wanna do:

when the button

//I wanna play the symbol(movie clip)

What is the command of playing a symbol(movie clip)?

It’s not complex at all. It’s a text field that’s set to dynamic text.

to play a movie clip the command is


where movieClip is the “instance” name of your movie clip.

as for dynamic text fields they are very easy. You make a text field dynamic, and then you asign a variable to it. What ever that variable is equal to, the text field displays.

so then you just have the button set to

myDynamicTextFieldVariable=“something in here which you want to display in the field”;

what is the best way of doing the menu like:

Also, do you know how to make the color of their background with bitmaps? I cannot do it.


btw, how do you do the TEXT EFFECTs like “ABOUT” section of Balthaser.com?

When you click on ABOUT in the MENU, it just goes fade in from left to right, it’s really cool. Where did they get the background music effects?


just make a movie clip that does the text effect that you want
and put in a button that will control the clip.
so something like:
in button 1 instance of frame1:
on (release){

in button 1 instance of frame 15:
on (release){

Make sense?