Button functionality with nested MC's

I am trying to get this drop-down menu to work, I’ve followed several video tutorials and have pieced this together, but I am FAR from REALLY knowing what I am doing…

The trace function shows the NavBar_mc is working, but I don’t understand how to get the eventListener to goToAnd Play a frame label on the main timeline. Similar problem with the drop down menu.

To clarify: The AS that controls the glowFilter on the main buttons is on the main timeline (the GlowFilter part works, but not the navigation):

stop ();
var navBtnGlow:GlowFilter = new GlowFilter(0xffffcd, 0.5, 0, 10, 2, 1, true, false);
navBar_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, navOverF);
navBar_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, navOutF);
function navOverF(event:MouseEvent):void {
event.target.filters = [navBtnGlow];
navBar_mc.setChildIndex(event.target as DisplayObject, 1);
trace ('we are rolling over ’ + navBar_mc.getChildAt(1).name)
function navOutF(event:MouseEvent):void {
event.target.filters = [];

The NavBar_mc contains 7 MC buttons and this script on frame 1:

home_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
spa_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
packages_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
salon_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
contact_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);
new_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection);

function clickSection(event:MouseEvent):void {

//this works
trace('The ‘+ event.target.name + ’ button is clicked’);
//this doesn’t work

I am very confused about the event.target.name and nested MC’s and AddChild/SetChildIndex, etc.
If anyone can set me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative!