Button not responding

Hi all,

I have a flash file and I am loading external swfs into my flash file via buttons inside movieclips.

The loading method is taken from the full site that is in the tutorial section.

My buttons used to respond to clicks, but now they are not - and also more recently one of the buttons has stopped playing the rollOver effect! There are 5 buttons on the stage and all five are taken from the same movieclip, so i do not understand why the 1st button has stopped working.

I appreicate any help on this.

Files can be found http://server1.unflux.net/~saleek/test/home.swf and [url=“http://server1.unflux.net/~saleek/test/test.fla”]http://server1.unflux.net/~saleek/test/test.fla

if I take out the 1st button, then the next button along stops responding (huh?).