Button overstate

I have been teaching myself flash mx and i have a quick question about a site im building(full flash). I have overstates for all my buttons<gotoandplay>links, the overstates appear on the main"page", but when I play the rest of the animation, the overstates and <gotoandplay> commands disapear- (stop working), this only happens after I upload -the symbols and commands only continue throughout the animation when i open the file on my hardrive and in the “test movie”
hope someone can help!?
jess :ninja:
here’s the link http://www.briannesbravebattle.com/drschow1.html
its not finished, but check out the “meet the staff” link, when you mouseover the links on this page nothing works!

if you are linking to other .swf’s you need to
make sure that the path to the file is correct
from the root .swf

…/ to move out a level and /foldername to move in

sorry if unrelated but the question is a bit vague…

thanks for your reply, i figured it all out
jess:) :slight_smile: