Button problem in MX!

hi there\ri have a button whic is text on mouse over i want to have a animation on the button.\rwhat i am doing is i ma creating a movie clip on mouse over when i create the movie clip i am not able to assign any effects like alpha or brightness etc to the movie clip and so i cant create the animation for the movie clip\rwhat am i doing wrong over her\rsome one pls help me i am going crazy with this\rThanx in advance\rEbu

here’s how I do it, although Im sure there are plenty of ways.\r\r1)draw rectangle(your button)\r2)convert to graphic\r3)convert graphic to button\r3)create a new movie symbol\rin the new movie symbol, create a movie which is using the graphic you used to create the button (so, it looks just like it)\r4)edit the button. Right click in the over state and insert blank keyframe. \r5) add onion skin\r6) position your movie exactly above the image of your button\r7) that’s it! when you roll over your button, the animation will play… apply your effects to the animation. Not the button.\r\rGood luck!\r\r