Button Problems =(


I have a issue here with my buttons… Everything SEEMS to be simple, but nothing will work.

I have a scene that starts up, and loads the entire movie, which works perfectly. Then after that happens, I have the movie stop, and show a play and skip button. Here is my issue. I have tried every way I can possibly find to get these buttons to work, but no AS seems to get them going. I need my play button to send you to Scene 2, and the skip to send you to a website.

I’ve tried putting the AS on the button, on the frame, IN the button, but nothing. I’m at a loss. Obviously, I’m not a Flash genius, but this still seems to escape me. If you could suggest a way to get this working that would be wonderful =)

P.S. > Here is my .FLA to show what I mean.

EDIT: Sorry, I TOTALLY forgot to put the .FLA link on… Here it is http://rapidshare.com/files/268838120/percentPreloader.fla.html