Button troubles


I am having an issue with my AS2 buttons linking to scenes and webpages. I have tried almost every way of making a button, followed tutorials and have pretty much been lowered to pulling out my hair here. I’m not that experienced with flash, but buttons usually are not an issue for me.

What I have here is a into scene which ends with a “play intro” button, which links to the next scene. But of course nothing will work. On the same frame, there is a “skip” butoon which would link to the actual website. Again, nothing seems to work. I had them working at one point, but then they suddenly stopped working… I’ve even tried making buttons like this in new documents, which worked, but when trying the EXACT same thing in my actual movie, they didn’t work.

I’m using AS2 in CS4 on PC if that matters at all.

Here is my .FLA: Hey


I’ve love some help if you know what is up. Thanks!