Button + Sounds = Imminent nervous breakdown please help!

I’m a complete novice at flash and I’m having a terrible time trying to get a sound to play when a button is pressed. I know that the easiest way to do this is to attach the sound in the button editor and when I do this it works fine but the files size of the songs is pretty big and its making the site take forever to download (about a minute and a half) and because the site is for a composer I really can’t reduce the songs any more than I have done.

There are loads of brilliant tutorials out there which show you how to build a flash player so that you can stop start and rewind or how to have two buttons to control of and on for sound but all I really need to do is to have some code which makes the music start when the button is pressed and stop when its finished playing or if the button is pressed again and because I don;t know actionscript I don’t know what bits of code I would need to take from these tutorials to get what I want.

Because the file sizes (there are eight songs and each needs to be attached to a different button) are so big I thought the best way to do this would be to have a preloader play while the song downloaded.

I did go thorugh the flash tutorial and did exactly what they said re linkage and the behaviours panel but after I followed the instructions it turns out that there were 5 syntax error in the code that flash put in and because I don’t understand actionscript I don’t know what they were (I did spend hours randomly moving around ()'s }'s and ; but to no avail.)

I’ve put the code below in case anyone can show me what needs to be changed for it to work.

I’m really really stuck. I know that I’m probably over complicating things but do I turn each soundtrack into a movie (as one tutorial suggested), do the songs all need to beloaded into different levels, am I asking the impossible for one button to sart and stop the song, do I need to sacrifice a carrot and turn round three times at the dark of the moon before it will work. I have a horrible feeling that what I need to know is not complicated I’m just now completely confused by the whole thing and so if anyone can help I’ll be really pathetically grateful!!

on (press) {
if(_global.Behaviors == null) _global.Behaviors = {};
if(_global.Behaviors.Sound == null)_global.Behaviors.Sound = {};
if(typeofthis.createEmptyMovieClip == ‘undefined’){
this._parent.createEmptyMovieClip(‘BS_virtualcinematography’,new Date().getTime()-(Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) /10000)*10000) );
_global.Behaviors.Sound.virtualcinematography = new Sound(this._parent.BS_virtualcinematography);
} else {
this.createEmptyMovieClip(‘virtualcinematography’,new Date().getTime()-(Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) /10000)*10000) );
(_global.Behaviors.Sound.virtualcinematography) = new Sound(this.BS_virtualcinematography);
if(true) {
//End Behavior