Button Trouble

Anyone know how to carry a button through different scenes.

for example. If the user clicks a button i want it to show up i a certain place of the scene and stay there for the rest of the scene. If however the user chooses a different button i want this new button to showup in the same place as the first button.

I guess it would be something like a dynamic button…any ideas how??

It’s in the next post down, I don’t use scenes (lost says their evil), but lost offers a solution:

Unfortunately that doesnt solve my problem. All the relavetn info is in one scene.

I need different buttons to be in different places in the time line depend on what the user wants

I’m sorry Avi, I misunderstood your q. I don’t know if you can carry anything between scenes sans dropping the button in each scene on frame one. It’s always going to be in your library.

Other than that, once upon a time, I duplicated a movie clip in scene one from the timeline and it stuck all the way trough. I’ll serch for that thread and post it if I find it.
I found it: granted, it was a problem I had with MCs, but maybe you can get it to work with your button.

(-: good luck!