Button won't go to down and over state because of Actionscript

I have this code on a frame in the main timeline.
It allows the mc to be dragged around inside of another movie clip.

However, there is something in this code that is not allowing a button to go to the over and down states.

var things:Array = new Array(coffee);
for (var i = 0; i<things.length; i++) {
	things*.onPress = function() {
		startDrag(this, false, 0+(this._width/2), 0+(this._height/2), Stage.width-(this._width/2), Stage.height-(this._height/2));
		_root.coffeeDrag.start(0, 1);
	things*.onRelease = things*.onReleaseOutside=function () {
		_root.CoffeSetDown.start(0, 1);

The path goes like this:


Root is the root.
“Coffee” is a movie clip.
“Invisible” is a button.
“Ripple” is a movieClip on the over state of “Invisible”.

Basically, there is a movie clip that looks like Ripples in the coffe cup. It is supposed to ripple when it is “startDrag”, but it is not. the ripple movieclip should be on the Over and Down state of the “Invisible” button to appear to ripple when the cup is moved. The button isn’t going to Frame 2 or 3.

If I put the Ripple on the first frame of “Invisible” it works fine.

Does anyone know what is stopping the button from going to it’s Over and Down state?