Button working in MC's

I’m creating a movie clip that acts as a menu. When you rollover the movieclip it triggers and invisible button that opns a menu.

In that menu i have 4 buttons, which are located inside the movieclip. But i cannot make the buttons work. Do i have to use telltarget, or what to make the buttons work.

I want the buttons to go to different scenes of my main movie.

Thank you so much, And i hope i was clear enough!


just attach code to the buttons:

on(release) {

Definately tried just that… And it didn’t work. Any other suggestions?

If you have mouse events on the buttons inside the clip, and the clip that they are in, you’ll have to use “hitTest.” Run a search here in the forum for it!:wink:
Or post the fla so we can take a look.