Problem with rollover/out

take a look at this button (flash mx file) it isnt doing what it should do :frowning:
can someone take a look ?

( the button dont start a movieclip in the button )

tellTarget works only for MovieClip instances. Can’t work if you call it by reference using a Button instance name.

So… you can use a MovieClip instance with Button events simulating a button.
Read something about MovieClip.onRelease, MovieClip.onRelease, etc. :wink:


Here’s what I’d suggest (I did not DL your attachment, no time):

Place your MCs on the stage.
Give each one its own unique name via the properties inspector.
Go to the FIRST frame of your movie and create an “Actions” layer.
Put most/all(if possible) of your MC event handlers here, like this:

// references a MC on the stage
// named "someShapeMC"
_root.someShapeMC.onRelease = function() {

A few things to note:

  • The gotoAndPlay tells the playhead on _root to find a frame named, “elite”.
  • I dropped the ! from elite, that’s not the best name for a frame (since in some instances having the ! could create problems…)

If you’re trying to get to a frame within a MC (as your comment suggests), you’re going to need to append the gotoAndPlay() to the proper path:

// we still have that one MC from earlier
// but now there's another MC with a frame
// inside of it named "elite" that we're going
// to play.
_root.someShapeMC.onRelease = function() {

im sorry about this newhopekenny but that was my signature :frowning: wont have that signature again. But if you want to help me, you need to check the file. Im sorry, but thanks anyway for your help :frowning:

This is how its look a bit in the file.

[color=red]On the button:[/color]

[color=blue]on (rollOver) {
tellTarget (“Linkeffect”) {
on (rollOut) {
tellTarget (“Linkeffect”) {

[color=red]On the Mc in the Button:[/color]

InstanceName : [color=blue]Linkeffect[/color]
Frames: [color=blue]Nothing at frame1, motion at 2 to 15 then from 16 to 27.[/color]

The code on the button dont work. Anyone knows why? Take a look at the file if you dont understand above.

Are you high? Sheesh…:slight_smile:

Just take what I wrote above and change the instance name.

What signature are you talking about? I was reference what you posted, but mentioned not having time to check the file…

But why bother reading what I wrote, eh?

Is it obvious it’s friday and I don’t want to be here (work) anymore?

hmnm… cant get it working :frowning:

Please someone help

for a tell target to work, your MC has to:

have an instance name for the refered MC

there’s a good telltarget’s tutorial there, i suggest you to take a look at the tutorial.

I suggest you go with newHopeKennys method, tellTarget has been depricated since Flash 5.

thanks for all :smiley: i got it working… :smiley: now i wont do that problem again

Hello there “abraxas”, I made a simplier solution to your problem.

I hope it helps.