Buttons and images

When selecting “Enable simple frame actions” and “Enable simple buttons” my movie looks and works the way I wanted it to. When I go to publish preview my movie the following happens…\r\r1. My images gets all pixelated and blurred. \r\r2. My buttons are hard to navigate. I have to place the cursor carefully on a particular spot on the image in order to have it working. I thought when creating a symbol for a button it automatically gives a bounding box and when you click any where within the box it will take you to your next destination (with an actionscript assigned of course)?\r\rWhat can I do to have my movie load properly?

Well, here’s my guess :\r1.That’s because Flash saves your pictures with a very high compression rate.That’s why you should not try to make your pictures as small as possible in the first place : Flash will make that for you.\r2.Work on the 4th frame of your button. It’s the hit area.\r\rpom 0]

You can change the compression by changing the settings in the publish settings window (it is under the flash tab jpeg setting); or you can double click on the image in the library window, that will bring up image properties and you can manually change the compression setting for each image if you want.\r\rMatt