Buttons and work area problem

Ive racked my brain for an hour now. I’m really new to flash, like 2 days new, and i’m trying to publish a button. When I publish it i get the work area and all the white area around my button included in my .swf file. I know there’s a simple solution but I’ve looked everywhere!

Change your document size to the size of your button. It is in the top menu under Modify/Document… Or you can press CTRL+M (this works in Flash MX, I don’t know about 5).

It is impossible for Flash to cut out the unused area, so you have to change your document size to fit the area you want shown. You can also change the background color in the modify document area.

Hope this helps:)

cool! thanks, i got it all cut out and it looks great!

Awesome. Glad I could help:)