How do I crop white space around button

Hi! Can someone please help me. I published a button, but can’t seem to get rid of the white space around it so that I can eventually place other published buttons next to this one. I am able to minimize the width, but on the bottom of the button there is still white space left. Also if I decrease the heigth then the whole button minimizes itself. How can I crop the white space around the button so that the button will maintaine its original size? I even tried putting the $sa or $sc ,which is I believe supposed to crop at least 3 sides of the button, into my html tag,but I am not sure if I put it into the right spot because it did not make a difference.:slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at here… Is this button part of a bigger Flash movie or is the movie just the button on it’s own?

What I’d suggest if it’s the latter, is to check the sizing of the entire movie clip, make sure it all fits. Otherwise, go into your button symbol and check whether or not any text is leaking over the edges. Sometimes a long text box (even if the text itself isn’t running over) might trigger something you don’t want.

Thanx for getting back to me so soon. What I wanted to do was publish that single button as a button to a file on my documents. Then plug it in to my html web site I am creating. However, the button didn’t function as I wanted it to. Now I decided to just build part of my web site on flash and plug the buttons in as symbols. I don’t have a problem with the background here. Thanx for your help again.