Buttons as check box in flash

can we show buttons as check boxes, if so once the mouse is clicked can we have the state remained,as it is.
i tried…any help in this matter please


ok, as usual there are a thousand ways, here’s a simple one

make a movie with two frames. first frame unchecked, second frame checked.

put a stop action in both frames.

make a button (in the movie) and do this:


that oughta do it. it may need a third frame with a gotoAndStop(1); in it, but hopefully will work without it. try and see i guess.

thanks, it worked but if i have few( 3 r 4) checkboxes and a user can select only one of them, how should i do it, do i have to write some Actionscript for it…


make a movie of a check. name it check

make a movie of a box. put a button in box:
_parent.check._x = this._x;
_parent.check._y = this._y;
_parent.chose = id;

select the box and write:

copy the box and change id in each of them to be unique.

the variable “chose” will be the box where the check is. you may need to adjust the placement:
_parent.check._x = this._x+5;

as usual… there are a thousand ways… hope this one works for you.

thanks for reply with the sample code, i’m trying it out.

Sweet supra… hadn’t thought of that way of doing that myself. Sounds very efficient.