Proble with Check-box

Hi all,

      I am using flash CS3 and working on flash and ActionScript 3.0.:crying:

In a flash application(.swf file), I have “3 images”(converted to movieclips) in 3 different layers, “a combo-box”(which displays a specific image upon selection in the combo-box) and “a check-box”.

The Functionality of Combo-box is: If we select an image from combo-box,then a specific image is viewed on output upon selection. Now, if we click on the image appeared, then there appears a circle(dot) on the image at (evnt.localX,evnt.localY) pixel position [I had written ActinScript 3.0 code for this task]. This occurs for all the 3 layers(i.e., on selection of the 3 images).

The Functionality of Check-box is: If check-box is “selected”, it shows dots(circles) and if “not_selected” no dots are visible(It means, it hides the dots /circles) on the specific image.

" I think you had understood that---- dots/circles placed on one image should not be visible when other image is viewed".
If I change the selection of combo-boxes (i.e., image is changed) and when the check-box is selected, then it is showing all the dots(circles) of all three images. But, it should show only the specific dots(circles) that are obtained when clicked on specific image(i.e., specific selection from combo-box).

Here, instances of our application are as follows(These all are Movie-Clip instances):

Say, for 3 images: mc_image, mc_image2, mc_image3.
for combo-box: mc_Combobox.
for check-box: mc_Checkox.

    Here, the functionality of Check-box is what i need. When we select the check-box,It must show only the

dots/circles that are related to the image which is selected from combo-box.
How to do this?

I am new to flash and ActionScript 3.0. Please help me…
Thanks in advance. :huh: