Buttons as Movies

Hi, this is my first post - so please be gentle with me!
I’ve been using Flash for a few weeks now, but have confused myself…

I have a single button at the end of my intro page.
The button has movie clips within it : mouse over - the button does this, mouse down - the button does that…

My first problem, You need to keep the mouse button pressed to get the clip to play all the way through. It reverts to mouse-over when the button is released! How do I code it to stop the mouse over movie and play the mouse down movie?

The second problem, keeping the mouse button depressed (only way I can play the whole clip at the moment!) I can’t get the mouse down animation to stop at the end. I’ve added a ‘GOTO URL’ action as the last frame of the down movie clip, but the movie just seems to repeat.

Am I missing something simple?

Any help is appreciated.

this is the technique you are going to want to use.


but you are going to have to change it around.

Hey, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Appreciate your time.